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Congratulations on taking the first steps toward building a business of your own. In fact, rather than look at it from that perspective – how about a macro view? You aren’t just going to go into business, you are taking control of your life, going to be the champion of your family, and if you do things right, potentially set up an enterprise that your children can benefit from as well.


Now, a word of caution! Unfortunately the world is full of negative, frustrated, dad-gummed crybabies. Not everyone is going to understand, or agree with your journey. That’s perfectly fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of – it’s yours.  The bottom line is never take advice from someone who isn’t living a life and isn’t in a place that you want for yourself and your family. Got that?


So in the building of a business – here is what the entire faculty at SBS is clear about – don’t take business advice from someone who didn’t build a successful one from the ground up. We’re sure your Mom and Dad, and Uncle Bob are nice people – but would you take medical advice from a plumber? Ah, no. So listen to experts who have been there, done that, and got the tee shirt as they say.


Remember that the founders and faculty here at Simple Business Solutions are here for you. Ours is a community. Reach out if you need some help: Support@SimpleBusinessSolutions.Info

I know the price of success and it’s less than the price of not trying or failure. I know how hard the struggles can be, but there not as hateful as being a sheep, and taking orders from someone who doesn’t care about you or your family. I know how long it can take, but if you’re going to be here anyway, why not create something profound and lasting? I made up my mind 25 years ago that I would work so hard, learn so much, and do things correctly and with kindness and integrity. And if you do that – then your signature one day will be called, an autograph.  
- Mark Skovron, PhD., MPsyD

Rickey Barnett

  • SBS Co-Founder 

  • Entrepreneur  

  • Business Coach

Sherry Barnett

  • SBS Co-Founder 

  • Entrepreneur  

  • Business Coach

Jeff Peltin

  • Entrepreneur

  • Branding & Marketing Expert

  • Personal Effectiveness Coach

  • Speaker & Trainer 

Dave Smith

  • Founder Computer Business

  • 30 Successful Years

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Coach

Martha Kemper

  • Entrepreneur

  • Author

  • Speaker

  • Personal Life Coach 


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