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Business Start Ups For About $100

Man Thinking of Business Ideas

Have I Got Great News For You! Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you find yourself low on cash? Do you have dreams of building your own empire, and being your own boss? Do you have aspirations of leaving the 9 to 5 grind behind and becoming an entrepreneur? Most people do, but the masses also suffer from not enough disposable income to even get started.

You don’t necessarily have to have a vast reservoir of cash available to you to branch out and start your own business, and in most cases, nor must you go begging at the bank for the start-up funds. With technology now at virtually everyone’s fingertips, the variety of business that can be started on a shoestring budget may surprise you. Finding ideas that offer quick profits and low, initial operating cost is key to success. Many options exist for you to begin building your legacy without breaking the bank. Could you scrape together about $100 to possibly become the next Jeff Bezos (Amazon) or at least your best version of him and that dream? Here are some business startup ideas that cost around $100 to inspire you to start your journey to financial independence today.

Affiliate Marketing If you are online savvy, then affiliate marketing is a quick way to make some cash right out of the gate. With sites like Clickbank making it virtually effortless to use their web presence as part of your marketing campaign, promoting yourself has never been easier. Simply open up a Clickbank account and start marketing products and services that offer affiliate commissions on your social media outlets.

Once you have built up some commission capital, sign up for a vendor account, where you can now market your own products and services. Can you turn specialized knowledge into an Ebook that people would be interested in? Set your price, share a small listing fee with Clickbank, and start raking in the dough. Continue to diversify the products and services that you offer as much as you desire.

Tutoring And Educational Services If you are a whiz at mathematics, or if you are musically talented, consider setting up a business which turns your knowledge and expertise into extra cash. Simple marketing strategies like referrals, business cards, and a website will take your talents to the next level and allow you to accumulate some cash in exchange for your valuable services. Consider hiring additional staff to meet demand if your business is booming. Take on the role of scheduling coordinator, and prepare for your educational empire to thrive and flourish.

House Painting

Man Painting House

Some states do not require you to obtain a license for contract painting. Indoor painting, in particular, is a business that you can start with little equipment cost, and if it is something you enjoy doing, you can start building your business by offering to complete painting projects for friends and family.

Even if you are starting without a lot of experience, there is a wealth of information on YouTube videos that will allow you to learn helpful tips and tricks for turning out professional work. Home Depot offers free workshops in many areas that cover topics about small home improvement projects such as painting and home decor. You may even choose to hone your skills by completing a few small projects around your own house first.

Cleaning And Organizing Services If you are passionate about all things neat and tidy, there are plenty of people looking for you that don’t have those same skill sets. Cleaning and organizing services are in high demand, as life for many families does not include time to prioritize household maintenance. If you are handy with home repairs as well, that is an added bonus; you can charge by the service or consider offering package deals to clients who will, no doubt, have you back for more.

Online Drop Shipping What makes drop shipping so attractive to people wanting to start a business is that it costs next to nothing to get started. You sell products online, letting big suppliers handle the packaging and shipping, and you collect a profit. Make sure you do some research and find reputable companies that honor sales transactions and ship out products promptly. Your reputation is dependent on their ability to fulfill orders.

Tax Preparation Services If you have specialized education that you know people will demand, consider marketing out what you do best. Tax preparation services are in high demand this time of year, and many accountants are just too busy to take on additional clients. It would be a perfect time to begin promoting your services to future satisfied clients.

Man on a Journey

Getting Started On Your Journey Starting your own business is challenging. However, with ideas like these for shoestring businesses, becoming an entrepreneur is accessible to almost anyone. Get established with your local government offices, make those first few sales, and use the profits to continue expanding your ideas. You may be starting humbly, but the sky’s the limit!

Still Searching for That Perfect Dream Business? If nothing on this list scratched your entrepreneurial itch, chill-ax my friend! These were just to demonstrate the possibilities. Want a list of 100 business ideas that you can start for under one hundred bucks? Want to be coached by one of the coaches best business coach’s and entrepreneurs that has already helped created many millionaires and is responsible for thousands of people -- tens of thousands actually -- earning from the $30’s to over $100,000 a year? I’ve got your back!

Email me NOW and don’t be surprised if I don’t personally contact you! Mark@AchieveMore.Life ► I know, coolest email address on the freaking planet, right?

Get with me now -- what have you got to lose?

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