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Treat Google As Your Chief Marketing Officer


When it comes to setting up small business success, you need to consider several things as you embark on your path to prosperity. You need a solid marketing plan, a consistent flow of capital to fund your amazing ideas, and the drive and determination to bring your dreams and goals to fruition.

Perhaps the most important thing you can focus on in this digital age is your internet stamp. You want to make sure you are accessible to all sorts of potential customers via your kicking website, your search engine ranking, and the social media presence you command when people go looking for products and services matching your offerings. How can you compete with the one billion websites that are clogging up cyberspace today, and what will set you apart from your competition? Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to rise to the top of Google’s search list.

Consider Google Your Chief Marketing Officer From This Point On Everyone who is anyone in the business world knows the effect that positive reviews and high rankings with Google have on a business. Google’s association with you as a business has the potential to make or break you. Google also has marketing tools that small business owners can use to drive their business higher in internet search rankings. Take advantage of some of the programs that Google offers; they are indeed the experts in marketing and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization? Why Is It Necessary? Search Engine Optimization is the process of continuously driving your website higher in search engine rankings, forcing web traffic to sit up and take notice of your increased visibility. Let’s face it--most searches for products and services end on the first one or two pages of Google ranked links, so the higher up you can get on their coveted search results, the more visible you will be to potential customers. Google has sophisticated algorithms for detecting relevant webpage content; the more quality content you have on your website, the higher you will rank on their search engine pages. Potential customers are more likely to find you and purchase your products and services.

What About Digital Content?

Digital Content Marketing

From tweets to Facebook posts, website information to emails, virtually anything you can find and look at on the internet is considered digital content. With our potential to be self-publishers, it is incredibly essential to publish digital content intentionally. How will your social media presence be perceived? Will your website content have enough quality content to rank higher on search engine pages? How will your pictures, logos, and website art be perceived? Is all of your digital content sending the consistent message?

All digital content is filtered through Google’s algorithms to determine what is newsworthy and what should be clicked on. Create your digital content with the knowledge that Google is watching and helping you by helping you to stay relevant.

It is important to remember that your content will essentially create a "pitch" to Google for an argument for placement. Consider that this means that the quality of your content including authenticity, how it relates to users, benefits it presents, keywords, long tail keywords, and phrases are all measurements Google will use to determine how relevant your site is to future search. So how important is that? Very!

Why Is Branding So Important? Branding has to do with the overall impression that customers get when viewing your website, looking at your social media presence, and other forms of advertising that you choose to utilize to promote your products and services. To some extent, you can “steer” their perceptions of your particular brand with keywords, pictures, logos, and other content designed to communicate specific messages. If your brand is successfully set up, and you have created the targeted impression that you desire, then expect business to boom for you. On the other hand, if you have not been able to achieve the desired look and feel for your particular brand, the consequences can be far reaching, eventually affecting your business and profits. Once a brand has made an initial impression, it is quite difficult to steer public perception in another direction, so choose your marketing materials and social media messages wisely. Effective branding of your products and services will set you up for success.

Marketing Yourself For Success Successful businesses and business owners take advantage of the many educational and marketing tools that Google has to offer. With their innovative offerings and state of the digital art management, it has never been easier for small business to enter the ring of the big players via the internet. Partner with Google to take your business to the next level of visibility and productivity, and watch your profits soar!

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