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Nothing Will Ever Beat Content: Hire A Pro!

Time for New Content

Hello, new business owner. Don’t worry; I’ll only take up a few minutes of your time. You no doubt have your hands full and are in up to your eyeballs with deadlines projects, plans, and endless “to do” lists that have you running at full speed. You want your business to succeed, you’ve embraced your drive and passion for making your dreams a reality, and now it’s time to make sure that all the pieces are in place for your climb to the top of the success ladder.

One question: How is your content?

I mean, all other things being equal, content is, after all, only the MOST critical measurement for Google for your rank on the web. No pressure.

What is your web content saying about you? How are you representing yourself online? In our world now dominated by e-commerce, 80 percent of shopping takes place first on the internet. How are you optimizing content to maximize your business and rake in the profits?

Why Content Is King

When it comes to marketing, content representation has surpassed all other forms of traditional marketing and business strategies. It is now essential to carefully craft and monitor your online content for many reasons. Let’s explore the basics of creating good content--what it means, why it is essential, and what it can do to enhance and grow your business.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of fresh, original and exciting verbiage crafted to the prospective users (website visitors) liking in a variety of forms. There are blog posts, studies, testimonials, product descriptions, white papers, photos, snippets and videos, all purposefully created for improving your search engine ranking and becoming more visible to customers.

Regularly publishing quality content establishes you as an expert in your field, moves you up in the ranks, and converts leads into potential sales. An impressive 82 percent of B2B marketers are now using content marketing as their number one way to promote their businesses. Due to the rapidly changing nature of commerce, keeping up with the demands of the digital age is essential to sustaining a thriving business.

Fresh Content Graphic

Why Is Content Marketing So Important To My Business?

  1. Quality content provides your visitors will value. No matter how unique your niche, you have fierce competition, and you must engage and retain every visitor to your site in a way that no one else does. People are more likely to share your products and services if they find them valuable--find out what your customers want, and then deliver the goods! Quality content should promote discussion in your industry, anticipate and then answer questions your visitors may have, and provide solutions to your customers “problems.” Your products should solve their problem, and your content should convince them that you have those answers.

  2. Quality content results in more sales! You’ll want to earn a potential customer’s trust through your content. Establishing yourself as a premier expert in your field and an authority that can deliver what on your business promise is a proven way to inspire confidence in your brand. With over 75 percent of consumers reading the online content before making a purchase, it has never been more essential to ensure that your content stands out. Publishing FAQ’s, blog posts, customer reviews, and product information helpful to customers will cause them to revisit your site time and again. What all businesses want are more visits, more sales, and more profit. It’s that simple.

  3. Evergreen quality content stands the test of time. Content that is accessible to a broad customer base that can be referred to time and again will be more valuable than the dated material that becomes stale within a few months.

  4. “How to” articles, videos, product reviews, and studies are things that can remain on your web pages for months on end with no need to update. Longstanding content that when written, is not “date stamped” in any way, and covers broader issues within your niche stands out the best. The most popular website content might offer a blend of general topics or maybe niche' specific depending on your industry.

  5. Quality content gets shared. If people find your content funny, engaging, informative, or newsworthy, then it will be shared by word of mouth and social media. If you create a memorable experience on your website, consumers are more likely to pass your information along as they effortlessly network through conversation. Exposure to a broader potential customer base will inevitably result in more sales.

  6. Quality content has greater SEO value. These days, it’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a specific pairing of your content with Google’s sophisticated and always changing algorithm process that drives you higher on search engine pages. Through regularly posting and updating your quality content, Google sits up and takes notice of your offerings, and they validate your hard work by making you more relevant to their searching consumers.

  7. Quality content enhances website usability. When useful content is more accessible to locate, a consumer will stay on your pages longer. Helpful content draws the reader in, encourages them to identify their problem, and eventually look to you to help solve their issue through purchasing your products.

  8. Quality content differentiates your products. Sizzling content will create a user experience that people will remember. Material that is memorable creates an impression in the mind of the consumer, and using multiple mediums across all media channels will ensure that you reach your target audience in fresh and unique ways. When your customers realize that they cannot find more engaging content anywhere else, they are hooked.

I Don’t Have The Time To Create Content: What Do I Do?

Content Writers

Now that you know how important quality content is to the success of your business, there’s only one thing to do--hire a professional to do the work! Content experts will take the time to do the job right, doing research and comparing your offerings to that of your competitors, making sure your site looks and feels superior to all others.

They will use their natural skill set to make you look good. We're talking "really, really good." Scintillating grammar and perfect spelling will inspire confidence in and excitement about your brand. Customers will be on the edge of their seats, wondering what “you” will be posting next.

A good writer will perfect your brand image. And in this business, an image is EVERYTHING. How you are perceived will shape the very success potential of your business. A professional content writer can help to steer customer perception in the direction that you want it to go every single time.

With all of the benefits that hiring a professional writer can afford you, how can you afford NOT to hire one? Making the investment in your business and your content will pay for itself exponentially as you climb the ladder to success.

This post that you are reading is content that is created by a MaxGroup Business Solutions professional SEO content writer and checked by a world-class editor. Plagiarism software is run by the company to guarantee originality, and SEO experts inspect and project the "SERP" or pick-up and ranking rate of the content for the web. The post you are finishing up reading will get found, suggested and consumed by no less than 10,000 and possibly 250,000 prospects. It will be forwarded and tweeted and shared. What is that kind of exposure worth to you and the future of your business? Exactly.

There are talented firms of professionals out there who specialize in making sure you get noticed, optimized, and primed for prosperity. Make the wise decision to hire a pro to create your keyword-rich quality content, and set yourself apart from your competition from your very first view. Google is watching. So build that quality content and get your business rolling!

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