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Top Ten Books To Read If You Are In Small Business

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Starting a business from scratch is challenging work. Between launching a product, developing a marketing strategy, and hiring employees to leverage your time and resources, you have precious little time in the early years of your entrepreneurial pursuits to do more than run the day to day operations of your business.

If someone were to say to you,“You need to invest in yourself by continuing to study and read,” how would you respond? Most small business owners would have a good chuckle at that one, as the thought of taking precious time away from operations to sit down and have a quiet read in the interest of growth and expansion sounds far-fetched, if not downright impossible.

The reality is, however, if you want to succeed in business and continue to thrive, you need to invest in yourself and your business by reading to learn. While there is no single manual on how to succeed in business and make a name for yourself, there are some books that make the cut for being informative, effective, and useful in helping you carve out your spot and your niche in the business world. Here are some sizzling titles to get you started on the road to success:

Will It Fly? How To Know If Your New Business Idea Has Wings...Before You Take The Leap--Thomas K. McKnight

The number one question that entrepreneurs getting ready to take the leap is, “Will this idea actually work?” How do I know that this idea has staying power? McKnight crafts an exhaustive checklist for setting up a successful business to help you evaluate and refine your idea into something real and tangible. Be ready to challenge your own beliefs about business, your parameters defining success, and even your core beliefs and philosophies as you develop robust strategies for growth and expansion.

Lucky Or Smart?--Fifty Pages For The First Time Entrepreneur--Bo Peabody

The author of this little gem was an internet multimillionaire by the time he reached his late twenties. His hand in creating five separate companies in different industries was a combination of luck and intelligence, and he was smart enough to realize when both were at work. We too can play upon luck, advantage, and our own sharpening skill set as we work our way to the top.

The Firestarter Sessions--A Soulful And Practical Guide To Creating Success On Your Own Terms--Danielle LaPorte

Let this book be a red hot poker in your back, urging you to action and inspiring you to achieve your goals and dreams. With an inspirational array of personal anecdotes and stories from 16 startups, it will no doubt encourage you to stop procrastinating and get down to the business of creating what you want.

Start, Run, & Grow A Successful Small Business--CCH Incorporated

This book is a comprehensive, step by step guide to building small business success. From setting up and registering your business to the nuances of managing employees, balancing the books, and regulating human resources, it is a must-have for continued reference along your journey.

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The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide To Being Your Own Boss And Achieving Financial Freedom--Carrie Wilkerson

With a compelling story of how life circumstances forced her to make a living working at home, Wilkerson outlines her personal experience with practical and engaging advice on finding a target audience, setting up effective marketing strategies, and building a brand that gains recognition and momentum almost effortlessly. Particular attention is given to success in “soft” services such as consulting, online marketing, and other web services.

The Business Startup Kit--Steven Strauss

Strauss is a small business consultant for, and he walks his talk. He offers in this manual a wealth of information that will benefit every aspiring entrepreneur, regardless of niche. Central in his philosophy of business is creating an empire that is driven by your passions, what fuels you to create, and fostering relationships with customers, clients, and employees that stand the test of time.

The Art Of The Start--Guy Kawasaki

This classic is the ultimate replacement for any entrepreneurial textbook you may have acquired in your business classes. It offers gold nugget insider information such as tips for raising money, motivating staff, and weathering economic uncertainty. Particular attention is given to using fundraising strategies to inspire investors to support you with confidence and expectation.

Escape From Cubicle Nation--Pamela Slim

If working for big boss no longer works for you, and you find yourself contemplating embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, this book is for you. With practical advice like how to transition from one work situation to another, attracting clients and securing insurance for you and your employees, it will energize you and reignite your passion for moving forward into exciting and unknown territory.

Start-Up From The Ground Up--Cynthia Kocialski

This engaging read is a handy resource for anyone who has a business idea, but doesn’t know what to do to create a tangible business. In it, you’ll find useful information such as how to take your business concept and translate it into a working business model, seek sources of viable funding and how to recruit, hire, and train a loyal team.

The $100 Startup--Chris Guillebeau

For those of us wishing we had the resources and capital to start a business but lack the confidence in our own resource pool, Guillebeau shows us pretty quickly that we have no more excuses for hesitating. Using your existing time, talents, and creative juices, he shows you how to turn a pleasurable hobby into a business that can net $50,000 or more within a few short years. While success isn’t guaranteed, many examples of people who were stuck in corporate America that turned hobbies and passions into measurable success should inspire you and instill confidence that you, too, can do the same.

You invest valuable time, money, and energy into your business, but what is at the head of that business operation? YOU ARE! Investing in yourself and your business by taking the time to educate yourself and acquire knowledge from people that have gone before you is a decisive step toward success and prosperity. Knowledge is power, after all. Believe in yourself, add some of these sizzling titles to your business library, and get ready to see success that you’ve only previously dreamed about!

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