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Simple And Effective Ways To Organize Your Small Business Workflow

Relaxed Business Owner

You have endless “to do” lists. Emails are piling up, phone calls have yet to be returned, and you find yourself at the end of a long day wondering what you did with all of your time.

Do you own a small business? Are you struggling to survive, let alone thrive, because you haven’t yet mastered the art of organizational workflow to maximize your business potential?

This post is for you, then. Take a few minutes, invest in yourself, grab a cup of coffee and take some notes. They may be notes that are the difference between making it or breaking it in business.

Organizing Is Key To Maximizing Profitability

The reason that corporations like Target net an annual profit of 20 billion is that they have organizational structures in place. Departments such as human resources, corporate training, inventory purchase, and scheduling all run like well-oiled machines. Systems are duplicatable and teachable, meaning that no matter who performs the functions, the result will be the same.

Whether you choose to franchise out or not, you must make sure that day to day operations of your business can be run “automatically,” or at least independent of your intervention, so that you are free to work on the overall structure and the long-term goals of your organization. Have systems up and running that work for you and your employees. Automate, duplicate, and evaluate to see what is working and what is not. Here are some things that you should consider doing to organize your workflow better and start raking in consistent profits:

Improve communication

Getting a handle on communication and improving efficiency will be essential to your long-term business success. Everyone in your organization must know, understand, and abide by your communication protocols. Successful organizations have a standard chain of command as well as procedures for notification and problem solving, and being able to streamline this information coming into and going out of your business will strengthen your infrastructure and improve your efficiency.

Improve efficiency by implementing systems

Do you have any aspects of your business that can be automated to free up time for other more important matters? Consider automating systems like invoicing, social media and blast marketing strategies, and communications with customers to devote more time to product development, shipping, and budget planning. Could corporate training be automated with a checks and balances system in place to make sure employees are being adequately prepared for their jobs? Evaluate the efficiency of employees and ask what they need to focus and produce quality work--be prepared to make changes if you see areas of your business that are lacking the efficiency you need to be productive.

Organize, organize

There are many benefits to becoming organized. Not only does it contribute to the creation of a stress-free work environment, but it also reduces the amount of time you'd have to hunt for paperwork, work materials, and other things necessary to a productive workday. If you are currently working in chaos, and the thought of pulling up your organizational bootstraps seems overwhelming, focus on little tasks that you can do each day to move in that direction, and in no time you’ll be functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Get rid of excess for less stress!

Don’t waste valuable time worrying about things you haven’t accomplished today. Put them aside and learn to de-stress from the day so that you can return refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow. Consider putting your thoughts and “to do” lists down on paper, so they are not swirling around in your head at the end of an already exhausting day. Do your best to be present both at home and at work, refusing to let the two blend into one another, and you’ll be able to accomplish tasks with ease.

Applying these simple yet effective organizational strategies will boost your productivity, lower your stress, and create a more inviting work atmosphere for you and your team. Start small, be consistent, and keep your outlook positive and focused. You’ll achieve your goals in no time!

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