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Social Media: Why Do I Need It?

Social Media

Small business owners are the hardest working folks around. Between launching a dream, balancing work, family and personal schedules, and managing self-care, there is no shortage of things that must be done in order to make things happen.

One major component of small business growth is the implementation of a solid marketing strategy. With the evolution of the internet and how it applies to small business, it is surprising that over 40 percent of small businesses still aren’t taking advantage of social media and its powerful effect on potential customers. In today’s tech-savvy world, the use of social media is the easiest and most cost effective way to market your business. If you are not one of the few that is on board with this innovative strategy, we'll share with you a few reasons why you need to get on the train and begin using social media outlets to increase your traffic flow.

  • Social media allows you to get to know your customers. You will no longer have to guess what your customers are thinking and feeling; you can interact with them and build relationships by merely hanging out with them online. The introduction of relevant blog content to your website and social media channels will establish you as an authority, positioning yourself as a resource for customers needing additional information and assistance.

  • Social media acts as a powerful focus group. Listening to your customers and receiving almost instant feedback on ideas and product suggestions will allow you to shape your business to cater to your customers. Give them what they are looking for, and they’ll keep coming back for more, and they will most likely refer you to family and friends because of their satisfaction with your offerings.

  • Social media increases your web traffic. Social media channels are a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. The more you share and post, the higher you will be driven in rankings; it’s all about being seen and found when doing business on the internet. Making enticing calls to action will ensure that your customers will respond, and your sales will thrive.

  • Social media use results in effortless closing. Sites like Facebook are directly linked to e-commerce sites, where customers can pay for your products and services without even clicking through to land on your website. Apps like Soldsie for Facebook and Spreesy through Instagram make the sales and service process easier than ever. Remember to follow up on these purchases with inquiries about customer satisfaction to round out your sales.

What Channels Are Most Effective For Advertising And E-commerce?

We’re glad you asked. Some of the most effective tools for marketing include:

  1. Facebook--Facebook helps to build brand awareness and promotes brand consistency with the right postings. In addition, it allows you to provide customer service in a casual environment as well as to establish yourself as an industry expert with every posting that adds value for a customer.

  2. Instagram--Instagram levels the playing field between big business and small business. Regardless of the size of your empire, you can dominate your web space by continuing to provide value and relevant value to your customers. Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used apps on the social media circuit right now, so establishing a presence will increase your visibility to potential customers.

  3. Twitter--With options like “twitter search,” you can expand your circle of influence and reach out to new customers who are entering your demographic profile. They allow you to connect with thousands of people in a single post; choose your words carefully, and include calls to action that inspire action. Twitter is an excellent way to get products and services launched and sent out to people in a very efficient way.

Even if you are not well acquainted with the use of social media outlets for your business, you need to invest time making sure you set up business accounts on these channels for near effortless advertising and sales. Accounts are free, but they take time to set up and must be managed professionally in order to be effective. Taking the time to learn the process, or employing a talented freelancer to set up these outlets will result in levels of success and sales that you had never dreamed possible. Start posting!

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