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Increasing Your Online Footprint with A Kicking Blog!

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Anyone who has been in business for the last ten years has no doubt seen the tremendous evolution that has taken place, both in brick and mortar representation and on the internet. Business owners all over the world recognize the value of strong online presence, and one of the most innovative ways to boost your search engine ratings is by consistently posting new and relevant content.

How do you most effectively do that?

A blog, of course!

We know what you’re thinking. You might have too many things on your plate right now, and you don’t have time to set up a blog, research and develop posts, and send them out into cyberspace, hoping that you will get a return on your hard work. You need to realize, however, that effective blogging is critical to the continued success of your business. A strategic, well-written blog will:

  1. Increase traffic that is driven to your site

  2. Speak to and convert readers to customers

  3. Keep your current customers and build trust and loyalty

  4. Set you apart from your competitors

  5. Grow interest and demand in your products and services

You need to get on the blog-wagon right now, to increase traffic to your website and boost your business to the kind of success you've only dreamed about.

A blog will increase traffic to your site.

Regularly posting relevant content that customers find valuable will keep them coming back for more. Tips on how to use your products and services, success stories shared by people who have used your products, or even items posted purely for their entertainment value will keep customers engaged and interested long after you’ve published this content. Sharing valuable information on how your products will enhance and improve the quality of your customers’ lives will establish you as an expert and build trust with your clients. More people on your site will hopefully translate to more business, increased loyalty from existing customers, and greater potential for word about your business to travel by word of mouth from those satisfied customers. Focus on creating sizzling content that speaks to your audience and makes you an established authority in your field.

A blog will attract new customers.

Over 80 percent of all business transactions now begin with an internet search for products and services. Do you think you don’t have time for a blog? Think again! The more content you regularly post, the more likely it will be that customers find you through your presence on the internet. You never know how a well written, persuasive post could sway a customer and convince them to choose your products and services; having the information readily available to your customers will allow them to feel a sense of power when making purchasing decisions. While their first exposure to your blog posts may not necessarily seal the deal, posting relevant content on a regular basis will cause customers to return time and again to see what you are offering. The more they make connections to you and to what you are sharing, the more likely it is that they will begin, and then continue, a business relationship with you.

A blog will turn your website into a desired destination.

Creating a blog that people will want to read just for the sake of reading it is the ultimate in effective advertising. Many business owners first create a blog as an afterthought, something that their marketing team tells them “they need to do to fulfill SEO requirements.” Focus on creating the kind of content that people will want to seek out, and you will naturally turn readers into customers and keep them coming back time and again to see what you have to say. A needs-based blog focuses on creating answers for your customers, provides value, and highlights you as the solution, someone who can meet their needs. Focus on creating an online forum where you show how your products and services can enhance the lives of your customers.

A blog will effectively tell what your business can do.

Why waste precious time convincing potential customers what you can offer them with a few sentences on your website when you can display proof of past successes and stories of value through a blog? Think of your blog as a portfolio that can highlight attractive features and aspects of your business that will attract and retain lifelong customers. The more your work is viewed, the more likely these views will result in customer relationships that you can use to refine your online portfolio. The high-quality cycle continues!

A blog will give back long after the initial post.

Even months after a post goes live, it can continue to attract new business. While it is essential to continue to create new content, old content that is relevant will give back time and time again. Old blog posts that contain quality content will keep you high in search engine rankings, and provide readers with information that they can draw upon several times before exhausting your internet offerings. The more content you post, the higher you will rank in search engine rankings--content is king, baby!

Time to get with the blogging program!

If you haven’t devoted time and energy to the creation of a kicking blog, it’s time to do so! It is not even necessary to write your own content anymore; there are thousands of professional writers who would be happy to provide you with high-quality content at reasonable prices. Invest in your marketing strategy and your business by prioritizing the development of a blog today--your booming business will thank you for it!

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