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Soaring Sales: How To Achieve Them

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When it comes to product and service choice, customers are bombarded with too much information. This can make it difficult to make a clear decision as to what they want from you, dear business owner. Instead of focusing on your marketing strategy or the technological advances that improve the look, feel, and function of your website, why not instead focus on your customers and the decisions they must make to get to you?

When it comes to sales, the customer is king.

To attract your customer, you must present a problem and then offer a solution. Even the best technology or product in the world will not sell itself if you cannot convince your customer that they have a problem that only you can solve. Here are some essential truths that you, as a business owner, can take to heart in order to transform your “business” into a sales force to be reckoned with.

Knowing your customers’ needs means continuous learning and improvement.

You may be certain that your product or service perfectly meets your needs, and you might be right---some of the time. At other times, you will be dead wrong. Success in customer relationships means being willing to take responsibility for shortcomings, mistakes, and miscommunication. It also means that you are willing to learn and adapt your product to better fit your target audience. Don’t place yourself in a mold for too long, or you’ll miss out on opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with existing and future customers.

Emotions drive sales.

Your ability to uncover emotional motivators and steer them toward a conclusion will directly affect how successful you’ll be in your business. Don’t be afraid to pull at those heartstrings, appeal to friends and family members, and emphasize relationships as you market to customer emotions. The lowest price is not always a sure sale.

Resilience is a life skill that you must develop.

Not everyone will say yes----if you develop a thick skin early on, and refuse to take criticism personally, the law of sales averages will eventually work in your favor. Take each “no” as a “not now,” and learn from each experience as you refine your relationships and your technique, getting better with each interaction.

A good businessperson must embrace empathy.

Empathy is all about being fully engaged with your customers via social media, email, and other forms of communication. Take time to listen to customers face-to-face, and demonstrate both common ground and shared values that will deepen your understanding of one another. This will build a most loyal business relationship.

Integrity matters in all aspects of your business.

Integrity means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It's following up on promises made and fixing areas of inconsistency to demonstrate that you listen----that you really listen. Customers that see integrity in your business actions will line up to do business with you, case closed. Treat each interaction with each customer as if you were receiving the service yourself--how would you want to be treated? How would you want a business to attend to your needs? Practice the Golden Rule in business, and you’ll be achieving gold status in sales.

Blaming others will never improve your business.

Instead of playing the blame game, take responsibility for what has gone wrong in your business, and fix it. Don’t blame lack of sales on improper funding, poor communication, or changing customer dynamics. Instead, look at what has worked for you vs. what has not worked, and focus on the real reasons that customers are seeking your services.

Solid customer relationships will ensure longevity.

When looking at the management, growth, and success of your business long term, it is essential to place a focus and emphasis on relationships. With any successful relationship, you must have effective communication, mutual respect, and collaboration that will ensure longevity. Treating each interaction as if it was of vital importance will keep those sales rolling in and customers coming back time and time again. Here’s to your continued business success!


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