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How serious are you about starting your own business and being able to create a life that you love?


I’m betting pretty serious if you are reading this and doing your research. You may already have a great idea, or you may want some help there. You may just be in the final phases and need to kick it off and get moving.


Get the expert help you need right now – with your Business In A Box –

the Simple Business Solutions “Rocket Launch” today.


Look at all you get:


“SBS Rocket Launch Business in a Box”


1.) 1,000 Business Cards
1,000 professionally printed double sided (14pt. Gloss Coated Cover (C2S) with High Gloss UV). 
Additional box of 1,000 biz cards every year at your one year anniversary as long as you’re an active member. 
MSRP:  $95.00 per 1,000 (Or get 5,000 for $100 extra)

2.) Website creation by MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC
Creation of logo, one page (landing page only), your copy and images from one of the Top Ten website creation companies in the country. MaxGroup will consult with you, and create your dream-site on the web. Remember – your website is your face of your business on the internet.
MSRP:  $1,999.95 (monthly hosting fee applies)

3.) Press Release by MaxGroup Media
Imagine your press release being professionally crafted content including your photo, images, bio, information on the launch of your business, your website URL, description of your products/services and backlinks to the site all with keyword and SEO enabled. Your business will be syndicated to 500+ news outlets and 100,000+ Biz Bloggers within the Tier-1 news network. Your business is guaranteed to be published on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Twitter news outlets plus others across the country.  You will receive a report showing links of all outlets that published you and an annual license for use of “As Seen On,…logos”

Print off in color and frame for your office.  Print off in B/W and use as a hand out. Your Press Release archived to MaxGroup Media’s site forever! This creates priceless authority, credibility and trust on the internet!
MSRP:  $399.00

4.) FREE Mobile Text Marketing Account by MaxGroup Business Solutions
Mobile Text Messaging is the best communication channel that allows you to connect, engage and interact with your customers through their mobile phone to drive customer traffic to your business when you need it most. With your MaxGroupPro text marketing service you can choose from our 24 features providing the incentive your customers need to do business with you. Free text marketing program for as long as you’re an active member.
MSRP:  $159.95 Monthly ($1,919.40 Annually)

5.) Your business profile created on the #1 self-improvement website in the world!
Over 2MM visitors per month back-linked to your site! What could that be worth?
MSRP:  You couldn’t afford it.  Profile maintained as long as you’re an active member. 

6.) Your Company Business Profile Featured on the Simple Business Solutions Site
Offer your business opportunity, products, services, your photo, bio, website, logo, contact info in our Business Ventures section for as long as you are an active member. Build your business from the visitors to our site. Benefits:  Authority, trust factor, backlink to your website, gain exposure, acquire leads, network with other individuals, and access to other professionals.
MSRP:  Priceless!

7.) Office Depot & Office Max Discount Cards (2 Cards – One of you – One for you to sell/Give Away)
Enjoy discounts on almost everything in the store – many times in excess of 70% off! You can use this for business and personal use at all U.S. retail locations. Never pay retail on office supplies again!
MSRP:  $299.00 Annual





1.  Six (6) payments of $400.00 each for six consecutive months = $2,400.00

2.  Three (3) payments of $600.00 each for two consecutive months = $1,800.00  

3.  One payment of $999.00 = SAVINGS!

“Now I’m no genius, but by my calculations, it makes sense to pay it all up front. I wonder if I can barter using bananas.  As soon as I’m finished with my spa treatment, I’m taking immediate action and launching my new business! Enough excuses, I’m sick and tired of those orangutans showing me up!”    


- Yu-A Monkey, PhD

Don’t be one of those people who wish for something, want to change their life so bad, talk and talk and talk about it but never do anything to actually ever accomplish it.


“We have never lived in a time, where so many people are going into business for themselves. The methods are all available, the start up costs have never been lower, and the return on investment has never been better.


-Dr. Mark Skovron 


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