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Rickey and Sherry Barnett – Founders of Simple Business Solutions

Rickey and Sherry Barnett

Rickey and Sherry Barnett


Rickey Barnett grew up in Central Northern California most of his    life and was wildly successful in sports and many social activities    while in high school.  Not being very interested at that time in the

classroom, he didn't give much attention to his schoolwork, and

in fact ended up almost not graduating with his class.  So he had

to make up for it that following summer.  Perhaps some of you

can associate with that.


Rickey always had a sense of duty and service and so he joined

the US Navy, where his self-discipline and work ethic paid off

earning him the highest rank possible in four years; E-5 or

Second Class Petty Officer. After receiving an Honorable

Discharge, Rickey went on to attend college for five years, while

at the same time married, raised two children, and still managed

to work not only full time, but had a part time job as well. 

Rickey continued his service to his country in the Utah Army National Guard after graduating with Honors from Officer Candidate School where he served as a Platoon Leader and Safety Officer.  After graduated from college with his BA, Rickey felt called to work with troubled youth in various group homes and lock up facilities for the next 12 years. 


Interested in making both a career change and earning more income, Rickey switched gears to working in the construction industry for the next 10 years. As anyone will tell you having spent time in such hard work his body started telling him that he had to make a change.  But one thing kept nagging at him, and quite frankly it was the terrific income he had become accustomed to and the lifestyle that provided to his family.

So remember synchronicity – that law of cause and effect thing?   As Rickey started becoming conscious, in fact obsessed with another career path that would be kinder to his physical man, and yet pay as much or more than he was making, he was approached ‘out of the blue’ about a business opportunity.  Synchronicity! 

It turned out to be a network marketing (MLM) opportunity, and yes, Rickey like many, was skeptical.  But by now Rickey had learned to trust his instincts since the universal laws were working for him, so he thought, 
“why would this be any different”?


Now it was time to tell his devoted, wonderful wife and best friend, Sherry, that he thought that they should try out this opportunity together.  


Sherry Barnett was not going to be an ‘easy sell’ since she has always been and still is a tenacious and strong willed, powerful woman herself.  Sherry had been a paralegal, worked for the IRS, (yikes!), a contractor for NASA, and a gun-toting licensed private investigator.


In her time away from work, Sherry raised a family, volunteered to work with children with autism, and was involved with outreach programs to both the homeless and veterans.  Sherry was driven in so many ways including competing in a demolition derby as the only woman for which she won a trophy for having the best looking vehicle.  “Take that men!”  LOL.

Sherry enjoys target shooting with her 357 Magnum and as a private investigator, still carries it legally everywhere to this day.


As soon as Rickey explained this new business opportunity (network marketing) to Sherry, and answered some basic questions, they both decided it would be great to meet with one of the leaders, and so that is what they did.  After realizing the potential upside if they made it work, against the minimal financial investment and time commitment, they decided to go for it.  


Their hearts beating hard with every phone call and approach and learning a whole new industry, they soon mastered every part of the business model and went on to build an organization which produced many top earning individuals which translated into insane amounts of recurring income to both of this dynamic duo.

It wasn’t long before they were invited to lead trainings and be key-note speakers and professionally coach on webinars, conference calls and on stage to gatherings both very large and small.


Rickey and Sherry’s business and life adventures are both featured as success stories in the best-selling book, The Change, along with Mark Skovron, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, all authors of the book and national speakers and trainers.  


All of their business success has allowed them and their 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren to experience life first class.  Their income and the freedom from their business has provided them with the ability to travel extensively, fly an ultra-lite planes, go fishing, camping, amusement parks and just about anything they want to as long as it allows them to spoil their grand and great grandchildren.

Rickey and Sherry Barnett

with their Granddaughter Lucy

Some people say why. I say why not?
- Rickey Barnett, Founder
The successful warrior is the average man (woman), with laser-like focus.
- Bruce Lee
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