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These are some of the best web based links in the world for business and self-improvement. The founders and faculty of Simple Business Solutions practice what we present and you will find us listed, writing for, and making use of this plethora of free knowledge.


The internet is full of millions of pages of everything from excellent finds to the not so valuable. What we have made our mission in this site is to provide you with the very best in tools, even insofar as links to other sites, that we personally have vetted and use. Our experience is your benefit.

  • The #1 Self-Improvement website on the internet  

  • Over 2 million monthly visitors

  • 362,000 Articles

  • 32,000 Experts 

  • 85,000 Websites

  • 2,000 Videos

National Association for Self-Employed

  • The NASE offers entrepreneurs and small business owners a wide range of resources and tools to help you run your business successfully. 

Next Biz Thing

  • Finding America's Best Small Businesses is easy with NextBizThing. Search this website to instantly connect with valuable Small Businesses. Should you decide, you may list your business.This website works as a powerful tool for attracting more clients. 

Small Biz Rising

  • Free access to resources and tips for businesses just starting out and small businesses too. This great resource for start-ups has everything from accounting and legal advice to marketing and sales, this site has it all. 

Freelancers Union

  • More than one-third of working Americans are independent workers. That's 55 million people – and growing. 

  • At Freelancers Union, we strive to make freelancing better now and in the future. Freelancers Union promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services.

MaxGroup Media

  • News

  • Media

  • Resources

  • Keeps you relevant & profitable with tips and insights

  • Here is invaluable advice from top successful entrepreneurs who have built it from the ground up. One of the best resource and tool centers for new entrepreneurs. 


  • Articles

  • Videos

  • Trainings

  • About achieving personal & biz success in life

The Self Employed

  • Great advice for entrepreneurs 
    and start-ups for 
    client acquisition, 
    and tax issues.


  • Great Business Network 

  • Build Relationships

  • Quality Referrals

  • High Trust Factor

  • High immediate close ratio’s 

  • Connects business owners to each other and the resources they need to succeed. 

Business 2


  • One of the best “how-to” small business online magazines. 

  • Great for tech space and actionable advice for small business issues.  ​

Small Business Trends

  • Valuable resources covering all things small business.

  • What is and will be trending
    Where biz is going.

Small Business

Today Magazine

  • Tips for organizing your small biz 

  • Biz empowerment for success 

  • Small biz expertise 


  • For entrepreneurs & solopreneurs 

  • Small businesses or already-successful business

  • Inspiring stories of those who have done what you want to do

Fast Company

  • Cutting edge tips and proven formulas

  • Thought provoking, big-picture business stories 

  • Idea farm for latest, hottest in biz

Tech Crunch

  • Informational source for entrepreneurs running a technology oriented business

  • All things tech oriented 

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