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InteleTravel works like all other travel search sites, but we have access to:

     • Exclusive offers
     • Competitive rates
     • Insider travel knowledge
     • Destination events
     • Full service support

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The Taxbot app, for iOS and Android devices, helps business owners and contract workers take better care of their business finances, thereby improving their bottom line.


Taxbot is one of the only accounting products that focuses on IRS (and CRA) compliance. At the end of the year you can print off an AuditSafe™ Report. Send this report to your accountant and it will make tax preparation easy.


The report includes:

  • Profit and loss statement

  • Complete driving log

  • Automatic Mileage & Expense Tracking

  • Pictures of all your receipts and notes for compliance


Imagine everything that you will have to do in your first year in business from coming up with a logo, launching a website, and ordering business cards, and getting coached professionally all the way through. That is what
Rocket Launch is. What takes a smart business entrepreneur a year to accomplish you’ll have done and be ready to be in profit mode in 30 days! Your “Business in a Box” is over $5,000 worth of value at a fraction.


NOTE: This offer and pricing may be removed at the sole discretion of SBS at any time. Act now!


  • Should you get incorporated as an S-Corp, an LLC or at all?

  • What state is the best to be incorporated in if you want to benefit from the best tax laws and privacy?

  • What about registering the company with the IRS, and the state, and the required paperwork?

  • What paperwork is the bank going to require for the opening of a business account? Yikes!


Using our SBS attorney ensures your personal information is protected. There's no risk of an error and things are done correctly the first time. We have streamlined our administrative tasks and passed the savings on. Our law firm has a reputation to stand by. We handle everything, with no surprises, and you will be on your way in less than a day. That's our professional promise to you.


What do you get in return for investing your money with us? 
You will receive your LLC(s), unlimited phone support, free documents and an attorney as a partner. If you do this right – you can legally save insane amounts of money; do it wrong, and well, not a good idea! The SBS affiliated attorney can explain that the cost of incorporating is 100% tax deductible!


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Since we love you, we share all kinds of free information, resources, and ideas for your success! So naturally this site contains certain links of products and services that we actually have vetted, use, and love. If you take action such as buying or subscribing to something, then that company may send us some chump change so we can afford to feed our feisty ferret who is our company pet. Oh, the affiliate will never charge you more for this, and in many cases, we’ve negotiated a lower price for our raving fans! Wanna see the ferret? See Full Disclosure

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