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You’re here because you’re tired of feeling like you are only the actor in pre-written scenes of your life, and you need desperately for that to change!  We welcome you to join thousands of others who have already experienced becoming the writer, editor, director and producer of a life of their own design – a life truly worth living!


You’re passionate about being a change-agent, an influencer, a leader, causing profound and lasting differences in the lives of others, and that is awesome and to be commended.  Well how interesting is that, because at Simple Business Solutions WE are passionate about doing all that we can – and there is a lot we can do – to empower YOU to achieve those results.


At Simple Business Solutions, we have created a platform that allows you to not only build your network of associations and influences, but to also develop your core strengths and strategies related to marketing, branding, list building, prospecting, selling, systems, team building and more!

Commitment is not just some word to use. Commitment is your decision to do great, and honoring yourself and your word, long after the mood you said it in leaves you. Commitment is you being non-negotiable about your dreams, results and achievement!
- Jeff Peltin
Entrepreneur | Business Coach 


Rickey and Sherry Barnett are the Founders of Simple Business Solutions.  They have an abundance of experience, knowledge, resources and connections, and they are committed to share all of it with as many people as possible. They want to be able to give back and support those in need of guidance and knowledge to go forward and create a life that will be filled peace, happiness, fulfillment and abundance every day. 


Rickey and Sherry believe each person is potentially an expert in something. So they and their team mentor and train professionals, small business owners and anyone who wants to build their expert platform on how to more effectively build and market their services and expertise to the marketplace.   Perhaps you need to first find out what you should be an expert in.  We know how to uncover that with you.


Over the years, Rickey and Sherry have been blessed to work with, train under and be coached by industry greats including Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Mark Skovron, Jeff Peltin and so many others.


They have spoken at hundreds of seminars, community, church, and networking events over the past thirty plus years.  They have built several businesses with teams into the thousands and have themselves been recognized for their accomplishments and earnings more times than can be counted.


Ricky and Sherry are also investors and consultants for a number of entrepreneurial projects and involved in many business ventures that you may qualify to be invited to be a part of.


If you are ready now to join Rickey and Sherry in their vision to create a community connecting life and business experts to the marketplace, and create a life that you love, we invite you to explore our website to learn more and stay connected.

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